Jimmy P's Charred Restaurant

The main ingredient of every great recipe, one that is worthy of being passed down thru the generations, always begins with a trip to the neighborhood butcher shop. It is no secret that the best meals begin with the best available products. You are likely to find the freshest produce at the farmer's market and you will only find the finest cuts of meat at the butcher shop.

For generations, the men of the Pepper family have labored to become masters of all things meat. The knife of Jim Sr. has carved nearly 3 million cuts of meats, and the Pepper family's secret recipes for spice mixtures, techniques, sauces and smokehouse favorites have been guarded for more than three quarters of a century. When Jimmy Pepper Jr, came to the block, he left the cleaver to his dad and headed into the office. Jimmy crafted crowd pleasing menu items utilizing the finest products that his dad was producing and put together the business plan that has led to continuous growth and expansion for Jimmy P's Butcher Shop and Deli. The lunch business at Jimmy P's is bursting at the seams, so more space and the addition of dinner hours is how they plan to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers.

Staying true to who they are, “Charred”, the butcher shop's dining area, will serve the finest quality meats, expertly cut or smoked by Jim Sr. and his team. “We hope that our guests will enjoy the unique and exclusive opportunity of watching their personally selected, hand cut Wagyu steak traveling from the butcher block to the grill.” With the aim of creating the best possible dining experience, Jimmy has fashioned a menu that will pair those perfect cuts of meat, with appetizers and side dishes chosen to compliment and sauces designed to enhance. Deliciously simple desserts and an unpretentious wine and beer list have been carefully selected to round out the offerings. The sweet, smoky air from the in-house smoker, reclaimed wooden tabletops and a subtle view of the adjoining butcher shop will help to keep the nostalgic roots of this business well anchored.


Jimmy P's Charred Restaurant Jimmy P's Charred Restaurant Jimmy P's Charred Restaurant Jimmy P's Charred Restaurant Jimmy P's Charred Restaurant Jimmy P's Charred Restaurant